About Us

We believe wholeheartedly that with the right support, people can thrive.

Life Supports is an industry leader in the field of psychological health and wellbeing: we are committed to the immediate and ongoing goal of ensuring that everyone has access to high quality counselling. Established in 2002, Life Supports provides counselling services to individuals, couples and families at each of our locations.

  • Our Values

    At Life Supports, we are passionate about providing our clients with the help they need to meet life’s challenges. Every day, we assist people who are navigating their way through a broad range of unique challenges and circumstances. We firmly believe that with effective counselling support, everyone has the capacity to:

    • Achieve psychological wellbeing
    • Maintain fulfilling relationships
    • Lead a happy, productive life


    We believe in effective counselling support that is:

    • client- centred
    • impactful
    • innovative
    • compassionate
    • accountable
  • Our people

    Our highly skilled counsellors and psychologists are specialists in treating a broad range of issues. Each of our practitioners provide professional, innovative and individually-tailored treatments.

  • Our history

    In 2002, director Marcus Andrews founded Life Supports as a private counselling practice. Today, we are a highly respected network of practitioners providing counselling services to individuals, couples and families.

  • Our mission

    Psychological wellbeing is a universal human right, and the foundation of a healthy society. Life Supports’ network of counsellors and psychologists seek to provide every client with effective, accessible counselling support regardless of gender, religious affiliation, race, cultural heritage, sexual orientation or economic circumstance.

  • Our Offices

    Please use our search bar by entering your postcode to see where local offices are available with qualified and impactful psychologists and counsellors. 

    Life Supports' head offices are located on 1/333 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn Vic 3103. We support clients Australia-wide.

Meet our Team

The Intake Team

Ivy - Kim - Laura - Petra - Georgie - Saffron

The lifeblood of our organisation, our intake team are highly skilled and passionate advocates of quality psychological support. Managing thousands of enquiries every month, they provide genuine care, support and the absolute highest level of customer service.

Just pick up the phone, and they'll help you navigate the rest.

Mahlia Price

Life Supports CEO

Mahlia is the CEO of Life Supports Counselling and has been advocating within the mental health industry since 2013. With a tertiary background in Science, Psychology and the Arts, she is innately curious about human behaviour, neuroscience and psychology and translating the frontiers of scientific research into real-world application.

Mahlia has a passion for building socially impactful businesses that help people and their communities thrive. 


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Marcus Andrews

Founder & Counsellor

Marcus Andrews is the founder of Life Supports.  He has extensive professional experience working as a counsellor and family therapist across a broad range of issues. Marcus has worked in many sectors, including private, government, non-profit, health, forensic and community practice. A core component of his role at Life Supports involves the supervision of other counsellors.

Marcus is passionate about providing counselling that empowers his clients to make genuine and long-lasting positive change in their lives. 

Qualifications & Education 

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Ivy Nguyen

Client Team Leader

Ivy leads and develops our core team of Intake consultants who look after thousands of enquiries a month from clients seeking counselling services. Ivy cares deeply about her team and every caller getting access to the quality information in the right way, empowering people to make the best decision for their lives. She leads by example, keeping our ethos and ethics alive every day.

Kim Hedge

Senior Consultant

Kim lives and breathes our passion for helping people, and is pivotal in developing and innovating on the experiences we provide our clients. She leads our consultants by example to have the best foundations in the industry, in client care and in providing empowering services to those who reach out to us.

Head of Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Georgie - Truffles - Dash

Injecting laughter, love and just the right amount of chaos into the office, the dogs of Life Supports are important members of our team!

How we work

Its simple to get started with Life Supports. Our team will step you through the booking process to ensure you get the help you need.

Fees and rebates

There is a variety of financial support you may be eligible for. Medicare rebates and bulk billing are available for some office-based, online, and phone counselling sessions, as well as affordable flat rate fees. Don’t let money be a barrier to getting the support you need.

GP Resources

A straightforward guide for GPs and medical professionals helping their clients access services.

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Bulk Billing

Bulk billed counselling services are not available at Life Supports,
however you can read about Medicare rebates, private fees, private health and what bulk billing actually means here.

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Private health

Some of our therapists are registered with private health insurers, so you're able to claim back part of your sessions.

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Getting a Mental Health Care Plan from your doctor can help reduce costs too.

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