Be in control of your anger – not the other way around

Anger is generally a normal, healthy human response. Feeling and releasing anger in an appropriate way can be necessary, especially when defending yourself against an emotional or physical attack. Everyone has experienced anger, and later regretted their actions whilst angry. Anger becomes a problem for some individuals when it is ongoing, regular and overriding.

To take back control takes time and strength of mind – with help, it is possible.

What is anger?

Anger is a natural human emotion, felt at varying levels of intensity in various situations. Primary anger is a response to a situation at hand, and once discharged the anger can be let go.

Secondary anger is not so easy to get rid of. This type of anger can be highly destructive, especially because it is often ongoing and unrelenting. Secondary anger may also be anger that is excessive for a situation.

When are you ruled by anger?

A natural and healthy response of anger is transitory in nature. It’s an instinctive response to a situation that is then released. Anger becomes a problem if you cannot let it go. You may feel unaccountably angry over a small irritation, or over nothing at all. You may feel that you are unable to control your feelings of rage, and feel concerned that you might lose your temper at a loved one, boss or even a stranger.

Regain power over your emotions and actions

Regaining power over your emotions and actions is possible, with time and supportAdelaide Life Supports anger management counsellors and psychologists can help you alter the way you respond and behave in certain circumstances. The process will involve finding root causes of anger, changing behaviours and equipping you with strategies for the future.

Anger management counselling

Do you find yourself constantly irritated by little things that don’t seem to bother other people? Feel out of control when you become angry or annoyed? With Adelaide anger management counselling you can become confident that you won’t fly off the handle. By feeling happier and less angry, you can learn to let the little things go instead of getting worked up over them. 

A qualified Adelaide counsellor or psychologist will help you investigate your problems with anger and where they stem from. They will also assist you with moving ahead, by equipping you with practical strategies for dealing with conflict in the future.

Intensive Adelaide anger management courses

Have you upset others because of your anger? Have you acted out just because you needed to let off steam? When problems with anger have escalated out of control we advocate an intensive 6-12 week Adelaide anger management course. In this course you will have one on one sessions with an experienced Life Supports accredited counsellor or psychologist to learn techniques to change the way you conduct yourself.

We understand that you are an individual who has specific needs and personal reasons for seeking help with managing anger. With this in mind, your Adelaide based counsellor or psychologist will equip you with personalised strategies for handling problems and triggering situations.

Being in control of the way you act gives you freedom to live without fear.

Anger management counselling in Adelaide is about having the power to say no to anger controlling your life.

If you have been legally compelled to seek counselling for anger management, our Adelaide Life Supports team can provide you with the necessary letter of participation.

Don’t wait – take back control

Browse our Adelaide Life Supports network of Counsellors and Psychologists and consider the many professionals available. If you find someone who you would like to see, please let our Life Supports intake consultant know on the phone.

Call us on 1300 735 030 to book an initial appointment.

Life Supports counsellors offer confidential anger management counselling services from offices in all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, DarwinGold Coast and many other local towns & cities throughout Australia.

Anger Management FAQs

Your initial session with your Life Supports counsellor or psychologist is often used to establish a clear understanding of your personal situation, and formulate an individualised treatment plan.

Together, you and your counsellor will:

  • Identify your habitual anger ‘triggers’ – these may involve certain people, situations, or feelings
  • Determine how your thought patterns affect your behaviour, and show you how adopting new patterns can work to your advantage
  • Identify new ways to manage stressors in your life, including lifestyle adjustments
  • Work towards improving your relationship with yourself and others


Life Supports anger management counsellors and psychologists use evidence-based interventions such as solutions-focused therapy and stress reduction techniques to help our clients address anger management concerns. By far, the most effective evidence-based treatment for anger management is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Research shows that CBT is an incredibly useful anger management tool. In a recent analysis of multiple CBT trials, 76% of clients reported a medium to long-term improvement in anger management capabilities compared to control groups.

These results show there is real hope for those struggling with anger management. Life Supports anger management counselling can help you reduce your anger levels, and regain control of your emotions and behaviour. Back to top


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